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Principles, to which BANDEX adheres:

BANDEX is synonymous with quality of products as well as of execution.

We want to have lean and efficient processes for our goods and services. In procurement, we follow the concept of near-sourcing (purchases close by, meaning short delivery times, small delivery quantities and feasible prices).

Our values, our dealings with each other:

  • We highly estimate honesty and openness in our dealing with each other. Respectful interaction with others is of highest importance to us – with colleagues as well as with superiors.
  • Clarity of communication is relevant in order to have everybody involved make a good contribution.
  • Quick decisions and speedy implementation shall be one of our competitive edges.
  • The readiness for novelties and changes is an important feature and will guarantee the long-term success of BANDEX.
  • We support motivated and talented employees in order to enhance their personal and professional advancement and to make sure they will even better meet their task in our company.We are aware of the fact that we all live on the satisfaction of our customers.