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Long-standing experience paired with new ideas and state-of-the-art equipment

BANDEX can look back on more than 65 years of experience in narrow fabrics and has a profound technical knowledge. Due to our strong customer orientation along with new and creative ideas, we always manage to develop optimum solutions for our customers resorting to this purpose to most modern machinery. The electronic linking of all machines helps us to work efficiently even with small batches and to react most quickly and with utmost flexibility to the requirements of our customers.

BANDEX has a fully integrated production for the major part of its product range: own warping, weaving, knitting and finishing departments allow the processing of the yarn until the finished tape with a permanent high quality level, in a most flexible and rapid way. Even custom-made products or the dyeing of tapes are possible at any time and for strikingly small order volumes. It goes without saying that BANDEX attaches high importance to an ecologically reasonable handling of natural resources.

Due to continuous investments in expansion we are also able to conform to specific customer wishes as regards presentation and packaging of our products. In addition, we are increasingly offering holistic solutions through further processing steps such as making-up, customization, etc. so as to furnish complete components to the customer.

Long-standing customer relations are of high importance to us. Such relationships are based on intensive customer service, optimal support, absolute adherence to delivery dates and a good price-performance ratio. Our goal is to optimize solutions together with the customers – regarding the function of the finished product as well as possible cost savings. High quality standards, that will however pay off.      

This has been substantiated already in 1995, when BANDEX was the first central European curtain tape weaver to be awarded the quality standard management certificate (EN ISO 9001).