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This unique tape creates perfect waves for curtains and drapes both in track and pole systems.

ELIZA translucent

ELIZA, SUNSET and MATILDA are stitched to the curtain in such way that the pocket rows are at the upper edge, and that the tape finishes at both ends with the flat part (where both tapes are woven together). This assures that all the waves are formed neatly. You get perfect curtain returns, if you can fold under the flat part of the tape in the middle.

When pleating the curtain, first pick free the two drawcords from the channels at the side edges and knot them tightly. Now hold the cords at one end and pleat the narrow pleat tape gently, wave by wave, to get accurate and permanent waves. Once the last wave is formed, the loose drawcords are double knotted to ensure the waves.

For hanging the curtain, insert curtain hooks into the two pockets that you find in each wave. It says that each wave 
gets two curtain hooks. ELIZA, SUNSET and MATILDA have got two rows of pockets. It depends on the sort of glider and/or hook whether the upper, the lower or both pockets are used. Make sure that the curtain does not touch the suspension system. To ensure the curtain drapes well, you may fix Weighting-bars into each bottom corner and/or Curtain-weight-tape into the bottom hem.

Attention with non rotatable gliders:
To get a perfect wave, use the gliders facing their back-side to each other as seen in the picture below:

Find a detailed sewing instruction in our Download area!